Kingtide Marine specialise in the design and construction of each pontoon they install. We cater to our clients individual needs and provide our professional advice on how they can best utilise their waterfront spaces.

We offer a wide range of pontoon options for our clients, from brand new pontoons, to custom made pontoons, to quality refurbished pontoons in order to suit varying needs and budgets.

What we offer:

– Fibreglass Pontoons
– Floating Pontoons
– Custom Made Pontoons
– Floating Pontoon Docks
– Residential Pontoons
– Pontoon Design & Construction
– Refurbished Pontoons


We can also help with the maintenance & protection of your pontoon including:

– Installation & Replacement of rubber fenders and bumpers
– Bollards
– High pressure cleaning
– All cosmetic repairs

Kingtide Marine believe it is important to maintain and inspect your pontoons regularly to avoid damage and leaks. Should you need our assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange an inspection.

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